Train and Teach

The Train and Teach programme offers entry-level English language teachers the opportunity to become qualified at minimal cost and gain post-certification experience. New teachers successfully completing ECC’s CELTA training programme are given the opportunity to work for at least a year at one of ECC’s many branches throughout Thailand. 

On completion of a year’s contract, ECC refunds $800 of the initial $1,600 fee paid for the CELTA course, therefore halving your training costs!

As a teacher with a CELTA and one year’s experience, a number of opportunities will become available to you. Based on your performance throughout the initial year, ECC will offer you a further renewable contract and your stay in Thailand could become long term. Alternatively, with an internationally recognised qualification you could venture further afield. Whatever your choice, the skills you gain through the CELTA and the experience you gain at ECC will give you a firm foot holding as a professional teacher. 

Being able to take part in the CELTA is not simply a matter of applying and paying your money. A successful application is based on an interview and the completion of a pre-course task.

Essentially, only people who are expected to pass the CELTA will be able to take part in the training. It’s important that you consider carefully the information about the CELTA contained on this web site – the CELTA is not an easy option.

If you are interested in taking part in ECC’s Train and Teach programme, you’ll also have to consider very carefully whether Thailand is the country for your and ECC the company you want to work for.

The first step in the Train and Teach process is a successful application for a place on the CELTA. It is important that you mention your interest in the programme when you send your application and pre-course task.